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Companies are making their own safety rules as the federal government stands aside

America’s grocery stores, retail chains and warehouses staying open during the coronavirus crisis can’t seem to agree on how exactly to keep their millions of workers safe at the height of a pandemic. Walmart and Amazon announced last week that they plan to start taking employees’ temperatures before they come into work and provide masks…MORE

Trump’s coronavirus mismanagement again undercuts his CEO image

In his closing argument before the 2016 election, Donald Trump pointed voters toward his “under budget and ahead of schedule” new Washington hotel: “A metaphor for what we can accomplish for this country.” Trump pitched himself as a successful businessman and an executive, even though his actual record included a string of spectacular bankruptcies and…MORE

Governors step into national spotlight as they combat coronavirus

Governors across the country have stepped up to combat the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks, turning a group of one-time anonymous state officials into influential executives with growing national profiles. Where the federal government has struggled to respond, many governors have stepped into the void and used their broad powers to stem the spread of…MORE

Oil for less than $10 a barrel is on the horizon. Will OPEC blink first?

OPEC has portrayed itself as a source of stability in a chaotic world. But the cartel undercut that argument last month by adding to the considerable market mayhem. OPEC leader Saudi Arabia and oil ally Russia duked it out in a price war that eventually helped send crude crashing to 18-year lows. Now OPEC has…MORE